Fan Tables for Clubs

Star Wars Fan Groups: Making Celebration By the Fans; For the Fans

In order to be included in the Star Wars Celebration Orlando Fan Table line-up, these groups needed to show dedication to their communities, a positive contribution to Star Wars fandom, creativity, and a good sense of fun.

We are honored to have them with us! Find them in the Celebration Experience Exhibit Hall, and in rooms around the convention center. Some are booths and pavilions, and some are major Star Wars experiences imagined and built by fans. Ask them about what they do for Star Wars and for those around them. Trust us, they will add an authentic and inspiring dimension to your Celebration Orlando experience!

501st Legion

Special Exhibit: Room W206ABC
Blast-A-Trooper Charity Event, Celebration Experience Exhibit Hall
It’s the 20th Anniversary of the 501st Legion and we’re inviting fellow Star Wars fans to celebrate with us this year in Orlando! Stop by the 501st Experience room (W206ABC) to visit the streets of Tatooine, sit in Emperor Palpatine's throne, board a Clone Gunship, get trapped in Trash Compactor 3263827, and more! You’ll learn about prop and costume construction, “talk shop” with 501st members from around the world, and see a rare display of items from the Legion Archives.

We’ll also be hosting a number of panels focusing on Legion-quality costuming (check the Celebration mobile app and the printed onsite guide for details); demonstrating the agility (or lack thereof) of Stormtroopers in the always-entertaining Troop-Athlon; giving away prizes for participants in our popular Droid Hunt game; and assembling for the biggest 501st group photo of the year!

With Easter occurring during Celebration this year, we’re also hosting a special egg hunt for fans 10 and under on Sunday morning in the 501st room at 10AM! Learn more about our organization and Celebration activities at

All Things R2

Booth 2253
Started by R2-D2 collector Sean Fuller, All Things R2 is a celebration of everyone's favorite Astromech. Via our Facebook page, Facebook members’ group, and Instagram page we share new product finds, collection photos and displays, and fan photos of everything related to R2-D2. From the newest Hasbro or Sideshow releases to unique finds from South America, Japan and Europe, All Things R2 is your one stop destination for all the latest product news and information.

At Celebration our fan club table we will share details on our various social media platforms, and on how you can follow All Things R2. Know what products are out and where to find them, what items are coming soon or are in development, and share your love of Artoo with hundreds of fellow fans and collectors. Never miss an Artoo collectible, as fans from around the world come together to talk All Things R2. We can't wait to meet you!

DC Star Wars Collecting Club (DCSWCC)

Booth 2053
The DCSWCC is comprised of Star Wars fans from the Washington DC metro area who share a love of collecting, in all its many aspects. Whether it's Star Wars toys, clothing, fine art or literature, the group exists to share knowledge and resources. Stop by our fan club booth to meet members and browse the displays featuring the club’s history and our members’ collections. The club’s seventh bi-annual charity pin, supporting the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, will be showcased. The club has raised over $25,000 for local children’s charities throughout the years with this effort.

Giveaways! The club will be giving out an exclusive bottle cap for each day of the convention. Stop by each day for a chance to collect all four. Can you beat the Death Star Wall? Try your skill to win the DCSWCC Celebration Orlando 2017 patch. The patch is part of a larger six patch set done in conjunction with our fellow fan clubs. Put yourself in a Star Wars action figure scene! A 4’x6’ photo-op will be available so you can put your face into a scene from the movie, re-created in action figures.

Empire State Star Wars Collector’s Club

Booth 2153
The Empire State Star Wars Collector’s Club is pleased to be at Star Wars Celebration! Formed by two fans in Saratoga Springs, New York in 2012, it has grown to over one hundred members online, and our meetings now average forty fans at each. The goal of the club is simple: To educate collectors in the New York State area about all aspects of collecting Star Wars memorabilia, toys, and promotional items; provide social gatherings of like-minded collectors to share ideas and experience; and finally to promote integrity in the collecting community by championing fairness and preventing fraudulent collectables.

At Celebration, our members will be giving away free items to promote both the club and the collecting community at large. We believe that collecting together makes us stronger, and we want to encourage all who have an interest in Star Wars collecting! What better place to do that than at the home of all-things Star Wars, Celebration Orlando!

Flying Solo

Booth 2255
Calling all Star Wars Celebration Solos! Nervous about traveling to Star Wars Celebration alone or for the first time?

Fear not, the Flying Solo group was created to give you a wingman as you travel the galaxy.

The idea for the Flying Solo group at Star Wars Celebrations came about when one solo flyer at Celebration Anaheim found two wingmen, and their adventures became legend. During the four days they met many new friends, a number of them also solo flyers. The Flying Solo at Star Wars Celebrations Facebook group was formed, giving these founding members, and now many more, a way to reach across the galaxy and stay connected with the friends made at Star Wars Celebrations.

We are looking to recruit new members to our squadron by inviting other solo flyers to join us. All wings report in.

Galactic Academy

Booth 1110
The Galactic Academy is an independent all-inclusive worldwide Star Wars costuming organization and fan club solely for kids ages 0 through 17 years, comprised of and operated by Star Wars fans. We seek to provide kids a free, safe and fun online space to show off their creativity and passion for Star Wars. We are loosely affiliated with the 501st Legion, the Rebel Legion and Mandalorian Mercs fan organizations. The Galactic Academy currently has 3,000 worldwide Cadet Members representing 23 Campuses and 20 Schools, spread across 52 Countries and 5 Continents.

Throughout Celebration our fan table will host onsite Cadet Recruitment for any child who either has a Star Wars costume (light side, dark side or the creative side) or an interest in creating a costume anywhere within the Star Wars Universe and has parental permission. We will host a Jawa Trading Booth, similar to Disney’s pin trading, with free, family-friendly activities and giveaway prizes. We will be coordinating community service hours for participating families (and Academy Medals for Cadets!) who pre-register to assist.

The Galactic Academy will also host cooperative activities and costumed photos with our fellow adult parent Star Wars group members. Kid-on-the-Street interviews to be streamed live throughout. The Galactic Academy: Judge Us by Our Size Do Not! is a 1-hour fan panel by-kids/for-kids (for location and time, check the Celebration Insider’s Guide or the Celebration Mobile App). Group Photo each afternoon 3:45pm at our table. For more information please visit or @GalacticAcademy everywhere on social media.

Indiana Star Wars Collecting Community

Booth 2052
The Indiana Star Wars Collecting Community was founded in 2014 to promote and encourage a sense of community among Star Wars collectors throughout the state of Indiana. While most of our events take place in the greater Indianapolis area, we have members from all corners of the state as well as from neighboring states. Our collecting interests are very diverse and range from vintage Kenner to posters, patches, trading cards, artwork, busts, statues and the most recent action figure releases.

We hold quarterly meetings at member homes to socialize and check out collections. For our annual Fall Social we rent a hall and hold a huge swap meet, hand out exclusive swag, play Star Wars themed games, have special guest speakers and collect items for Toys for Tots. We also participate in community service, organize movie outings and attend several Midwest toy shows together.

We hope to use our fan table to spread awareness that a community of collectors exists in Indiana and to interact with other clubs, fans, attendees and collectors who share our passion for all things Star Wars. We love sharing stories with others who have similar interests, and we cannot wait to meet you at our table.

At Celebration Orlando we are proud to once again be a part of the popular multi-state collecting club patch giveaway. Please stop by our booth for some fun trivia and a chance to win our piece of this incredible patch.

Japan Star Wars Arts Alliance

Booth 1952
KONNICHIWA ! We are Japan Star Wars Arts Alliance from Tokyo!

We are big fan of Star Wars and good friends who cross many generations. And we always enjoy making costumes, cosplaying, taking photos, making plastic models, and more.....

At Star Wars Celebration we will showcase handmade things. Our booth will show you a harmony of Star Wars and good Old Japan, Modern Japan, Funny parts of Japan, and Japanese tradition!

As you know some parts of the Star Wars Saga was inspired by Japanese culture, with armour, clothes, and more as examples. We believe you will find our exhibition interesting because you’re a Super Star Wars fan. Our hope is.....
All Visitors will like Star Wars more, be happy and smiling.

Please come and enjoy our booth! You can also try on a Yukata (a kind of kimono).

Jedi Assembly

Booth 1410
The Jedi Assembly is an international online costuming group dedicated to the accurate recreation of the traditional Jedi attire. Founded in 2002 by Anthony Foister, we are committed to helping both seasoned and novice fans achieve their costume goals. From tutorials on our website to chats with experienced members, we are here to guide you. Our Facebook group, as well as our forums, are great places to discuss Jedi business and to make acquaintances.

TJA will have a complete Jedi costume and various other items on display, such as props and club scrapbooks. Club flyers, business cards, temporary tattoos, and limited edition collectible wooden nickels will be available as promotional items. We will also hold a charity raffle with an assortment of Star Wars related prizes, the first prize being a Jedi Robe made by Wendy Wright, one of our talented members. The raffle will be drawn at 12pm on Sunday; winners will be contacted to arrange for prize pick-up. All proceeds will be donated to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

Jedi Order Japan

Booth 2552
We will display our handmade Star Wars crafts, and present live demonstrations of Star Wars vegetable carving and Star Wars cutting paper art. Come visit us to learn more about our cosplay and about many other activities of the Jedi Order Japan.

Line Force

Booth 1954
While at Star Wars Celebration, Line Force will help make those long queues more enjoyable by handing out lanyards, t-shirts, exclusive patches and buttons, as well as other Line Force-related items to those waiting at the front of the lines. Line Force also will give away several different Celebration Orlando 2017 exclusive patches at their booth and throughout the convention center. Be prepared, however, to answer trivia questions, spin a wheel, throw dice, play a card game, or take part in a free raffle in order to win your patches.

Line Force is working with several other attending clubs on three different puzzle patches. Attendees should be sure to check our website, our Facebook Page and our booth for daily clues on where to find patches and when. While you are at our booth, ask one of our founding members how you can sign up to become part of the growing sensation that is working to unite a galaxy of Star Wars Fans.

Mandalorian Mercs

Booth 1860
Visit the Mandalorian Mercs exhibit area for a fully immersive experience! Join forces with the Mercs to capture and detain your friends for charity at the Mandalorian Bounty Hunt. Show your grit in the training grounds where you can test your aim and try on Mando armor. Check out the vehicles of the Mandalorians: from a swoop bike to a land speeder, and even a full-sized transport skiff! With daily raffles and awesome prizes, you’ll want to see what’s new every day. Finally, don’t forget to interact with all the Mercs around the booth, from artists and prop makers to friends and family, for after all “Family is more than blood!”

Mississippi Mandalorians

Booth 2655
At Star Wars Celebration Orlando, the Mississippi Mandalorians will be looking for future members. Their group will hand out promotional stickers with their Facebook page description, and you can ask how to connect with their club through the members in the booth.

The Mississippi Mandalorians hope to increase their visibility as a Star Wars fan organization around the U.S. and the world, continuing and developing their connection with the fan base that Star Wars nurtures. A small group of their fan force will be at the booth throughout the convention and look forward to meeting you, and other fan groups members from across the globe.

Norwich Star Wars Club UK

Booth 1944
Founded in 1999, the Norwich Star Wars Club UK is a family-friendly club which aims to help promote Star Wars fandom in the community, make friends and enjoy all that is Star Wars. We also aim to involve a new generation in the Club, and to help teach them what Star Wars is all about - not just the movies but also the friendships and the opportunities to help worthy causes. We are all a part of the Star Wars Community.

The Club meets on a monthly basis and hosts Jedi training for our Padawans amongst other activities. The Club and its Heroes and Villains costume group has helped raise many thousands of pounds for local and national charities and continues to do so. With over a thousand members worldwide we look forward to meeting and welcoming friends, old and new, to our stand at Celebration Orlando 2017. We are participating in at least two group patches so come and see us to see if you can win one of our pieces.

Ohio Star Wars Collecting Club

Booth 2054
Come meet fellow collectors from Ohio, and learn how much more fun Star Wars collecting can be with others. We have formed life-long friendships with our fellow Star Wars collectors. Our club is divided into regions for Northern, Central and Southern Ohio. Regional meetings are held each month, and members gather at comic and toy conventions, movie premieres, auctions, and other Star Wars-related events. A yearly Summer Social is held for all of the members and their families to celebrate everything that is Star Wars, and we hold both live and silent auctions, do activities for the kids, set up displays and sales tables, host special guests, and take care of club business.

Among our members, we have extraordinary collections of vintage and modern memorabilia, and we help each other with news about newly discovered pieces, new-releases, and display suggestions. We are proud to represent the state that is home to Kenner, where so much of the Star Wars toy world began! Our club has a large delegation at Celebration this year, and we hope you get a chance to meet us. This year, we're participating in a special multi-state club patch. Stop by our booth for a chance to win our piece of the patch! We will also have patches for trade that are exclusive to our club and would love to talk about your recent collecting finds or answer any questions you may have about collecting.

Outer Rim Collective Costume Club (ORCCC)

Booth 2814
The Outer Rim Collective Costume Club is a volunteer-driven organization, formed with the express interest of combining volunteerism, charity fundraising and costuming into one group. The Outer Rim Collective Costume Club is an world-wide Star Wars costuming organization dedicated to charity fundraising and community outreach by means of creation and wearing of custom and canon screen-ready Star Wars character costumes that represent the scum and villainy present in the Outer Rim Territories and such establishments as Maz Kanata's Bar/Chalmun's Cantina/Jabba's Palace from the Star Wars saga.

The ORCCC looks to align individuals with a common love for Star Wars and the Outer Rim characters and denizens, all the while promoting charity, community outreach and volunteerism among their peers. We encourage our members to embrace their own personal growth and enjoyment, all the while bettering their community.

Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society

Booth: 2055
The Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society is thrilled to have the opportunity to spotlight our club for our fellow fans at Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017. Please visit our booth to learn all about PSWCS, our members, and our mission.

PSWCS will be conducting a fundraiser in association with our non-profit organization - - to benefit "No Warrior Without Help." This charity provides services and relief to Pennsylvania veterans in need. Available exclusively at Celebration will be a Lucasfilm-approved medallion featuring the likeness of BB-8 from "The Force Awakens." These medallions were produced in a strict, one-time run of 1000 pieces and will never be reissued. The medallion will be available to purchase for $12, with 100% of the proceeds going to the charity.

We will also have available a limited number of our 2016 "Pets for U.S. Vets" C-3PO fundraiser medallion.

In addition, PSWCS has joined forces with five other Fan Groups to produce a Celebration-exclusive multi-piece patch that honors the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars: A New Hope. When assembled, it depicts an homage to the famous 1978 Star Wars "Birthday Poster." Stop by our booth to pick up the lower-right corner of the set as well as your 2017 medallion.

R2-D2 Builders

Booth 3145
Room 205
The R2-D2 Builders will display over 130 completed droids at Celebration Orlando, complete with a sound and light show every hour on the hour in their Droid Builders’ room (W205). As a special treat for this year’s Celebration, the R2-D2 Builders will debut the Droid Smash Derby.

Exclusively for Celebration Orlando, the R2-D2 Builders have put together 12 MSE droids for fans to race on the in their space (Booth 3145) in the Celebration Experience Exhibit Hall, in the Droid Smash Derby. Think Battle Bots meets The Phantom Menace pod racing. Races will occur approximately every two hours throughout the weekend, with the winners receiving a custom medal or trophy to rub in Sebulba’s smug face. Check for exact times on the mobile app, and in the Insider’s Guide to Celebration.

Rebelscum and TheForce.Net

Booth: 2054 was founded by Philip Wise in November of 1996 to expand what was originally "Philip’s Star Wars Pictures, Toys and Thoughts." The site is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and is the largest and most visited Star Wars collecting news website in the world., also founded in 1996, was originally called the Star Wars Page at Texas A&M and reports on Star Wars news from all over the world, but focuses mainly on the US.

Stop by the booth to meet the teams behind the magic, see a detailed history of the sites and check out one of the most comprehensive Star Wars collectible catalogs available with the Rebelscum Photo Archive. Fans will also be able to “Blow Up The Death Star” as they compete for the highest Midi-chlorian count to win awesome prizes throughout the weekend! Pre-registered forum members can pick up their customized name badges as well.

Road Squadron

Area C4; Exhibit Hall C
Looks for the amazing Star Wars cars!
We fans love to "Cosplay", but how many "Carsplay?” Star Wars and custom cars might not seem like a natural mix, but Road Squadron has been bringing their passion for our favorite film series to the byways of the United States with Saga-themed vehicles since 1999. From Rebel Transports to Imperial Shuttles, daily drivers to show cars, these "Carfighters" represent the hard work and dedication of their owners, who are willing to unabashedly proclaim their fandom every day during their travels. These unique art rides use media ranging from vinyl wrapping and creative paint to large-scale "kit-bashing" to transform sub-compacts, sports cars and semi-trucks; come explore and take photos!

Meet the builders and discuss their inspiration, creativity, techniques, challenges, and experiences on the road with fans, strangers, and law enforcement - and maybe even get tips, tricks and ideas for designing your own vehicle! Visit for a social media introduction to the cars and drivers, and to ride along with those making the trip to SWCO in stories, photos and video as they take the "Kessel Run" in from around the country to converge on Orlando!

Saber Guild

Area C7; Exhibit Hall C
Bringing together lightsaber performers from all over the world, Saber Guild International is excited to share our passion for costuming, lightsaber choreography, and charitable works at Celebration Orlando. We’ll be holding daily raffles to benefit Make-A-Wish at our fan table, presenting panels on fight choreography theory and technique, teaching younglings the ways of the Force in the Family Room, and doing what we do best—performing. With over 300 members in 18 temples and five countries, Saber Guild has been training new Jedi and Sith for over a decade. As an inclusive fan club, we welcome all levels of experience and ability. So whether you’re interested in learning how to join us or start a new temple near you, want to support our mission of charity, have Padawans in need of training, or just want to experience our demonstration, we encourage you to find us at the show! And remember, there are Two Sides, but One Force.

Singapore Vintage Star Wars Collecting Fan Club

Booth 2155
The Singapore Vintage Star Wars Collecting Fan Club will be making their debut at Celebration Orlando, and promoting awareness of their club from the island city state of Singapore. The club aims to promote vintage Star Wars collecting through Facebook, regular gatherings for members, and by hosting overseas collectors who are visiting their country. They actively participate with local Star Wars exhibitions to share their appreciation of Star Wars collectibles with a wider audience whenever possible. With the help and contributions from members, the club also strives to record the historical impact Star Wars has in Southeast Asia and specifically Singapore.

The Club looks forward to welcoming new members, especially those with a connection to Singapore and the region, whether through work or residence. They will be giving out souvenir patches of four designs over the four days. Drop by!

Star Walking

Booth 2154
Star Walking Inc. "The Star Wars Appreciation Society of Australia," was created in June 1987 in Melbourne, Australia. Star Walking Inc. is a Star Wars fan club which has a long and proud history, and claims the world’s longest continuously running Star Wars fan club. There is much more to come as the Star Wars saga looks forward into the future. The “rebirth” of the Star Wars franchise has paved the way for Star Walking Inc. to do what it does best: provide a central outlet for all Star Wars fans to share their love of the Star Wars universe on common ground for many, many years to come.

Star Walking is at Celebration to “Fly the Aussie Flag” and proudly show the world what a wonderful place Australia is and what an amazingly devoted and friendly group the Aussie fans are.

Star Wars Actors Guild 77

Booth 1854
Star Wars Actors Guild 77 will have a booth full of Star Wars action and fun for fans of all ages. They will have “Death Star Putt Putt” – did you know there was a golf course on the Death Star? Well, there was. If fans get three consecutive holes-in-one they get a small prize - a Ysalamiri sock puppet. For the “The Jabba Round” the prize will be huge get-along sized T-shirt. All Star Wars Grand Admiral Thrawn or Chiss cosplayers get baby Ysalamiri. There is a Lightsaber Remote bubble machine practice. SWAG77 will highlight artwork by famed Spanish artist Marilyne06Art, and the crafts by the Dark Side Baker.

Star Wars Grand Florida Alliance (SWGFA)

Booth 1112
Founded by in January of 2009, the Star Wars Grand Florida Alliance is a hub for Star Wars fan groups around the state of Florida and a collective of devotees to the Galaxy Far, Far Away. Whether you’re a collector, a costumer, a creator, or you just love the movies and the television series, the goal is to build a bridge to all Florida Star Wars fans. It’s a place for fans to commune, network, make friends and appreciate the greatest Saga ever told. SWGFA hosts an annual Star Wars Collectible Swap Meet and occasionally meets for small gatherings, socials and workshops as well as periodic outings that include theme parks, museums, theater, movies, and more.

Be sure to stop by the booth to test your Star Wars knowledge and win cool prizes which could include one of the six pieces that make up the exclusive Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 Fan Club patch set which celebrates 40 years of Star Wars!

Star Wars Space Club

Booth 2653
Whether you are a vintage Star Wars collector or a lover of all things modern, this is the booth for you! The Star Wars Space Club is comprised of lifelong collectors from,, and the Galaxy of Toys Podcasting Network who share a passion for Star Wars collecting, especially when it comes to the action figures. By visiting the Star Wars Space Club during the show you’ll find meet and greets with fellow Star Wars collectors and content-creators who love to talk collecting.

Test your action figure knowledge, enter to win giveaways or come to trade buttons and swag! You will also be able to meet some of the cast of the Galaxy of Toys Podcast and the Plastic Galaxy documentary, take part in interviews for the TOY RUN podcast, and receive exclusive limited edition swag for free! The Star Wars Space Club is a positive place for collectors to express their love of Star Wars toys and merchandise. Whether you come to request help identifying action figures, debate the greatest toy lines from the past forty years, wax nostalgic, or discuss the future of collecting, all are welcome!

Studio Scale Millennium Falcon

Booth 2550
From an early age, Lee Malone has been fascinated by studio props and models. With the premier of Star Wars, his passion for building models was ignited, leading to a lifelong study of model building and miniature painting. In 2011 Lee created Rogue Studio Productions a model shop dedicated to building and designing one of a kind studio scale miniatures. Lee's previous work includes Paint Masters for Master Replicas on their licensed Boba Fett Helmet, Boba Fett Blaster and X-Wing model (Master Replica/EFX). He has also consulted with Sideshow Collectibles on their quarter scale Boba Fett in 2007. In 2015 Anderson Entertainment announced that they had selected Rogue Studio Productions as the licensed manufacturer of the ITV licensed 44” studio scale Space 1999 Eagle transporter.

The studio scale Millennium Falcon being displayed at Star Wars Celebration has involved over 2000 hours of build and research time as well as over 100 original model kits.

The Dark Empire

Booth 2753
The Dark Empire will be looking for new members to join their premier, custom dark side costuming group. We will be assisting the Galactic Academy in their Droid Hunt as well. Next to our table there will be an impressive backdrop of the fall of the Jedi Temple, where you and your friends can get photos of their attempt to defend or help in the destruction of the Jedi order, while posing with members in full costume. We will also have members in costume around the table area. At the table, you will find helpful members that can help you on your journey at any point from concept to near completion. Most of all we will be celebrating the Star Wars universe with a bunch of fellow fans.

The Rebel Legion, Featuring Jedi News

Booth 1506
Rebels from all over the galaxy: UNITE! The Rebel Legion is honored to once again join forces with Star Wars Celebration to bring an out-of-this-world fan experience to Orlando in 2017.

An international club of nearly 4,500 members worldwide, the Rebel Legion encompasses Star Wars fans who create and wear costumes of the hero characters of the Star Wars universe. Guests at our Celebration pavilion will experience a variety of activities including interactive displays, amazing photo ops, and meet-and-greets with Legion members. Visitors will also learn about joining the Rebel Legion and gain insight into the organization’s charitable efforts. This year, the Rebel Legion has partnered with the Peter Mayhew Foundation to host a silent auction featuring a variety of items from Rebel Legion bases around the globe. The auction is open to all Celebration attendees and will raise funds for the charity; whose mission is to alleviate disease, pain, suffering, and the financial toll brought on by life's traumatic events by providing available resources directly to deserving children and adults in need.

Also within the Rebel Legion pavilion, Jedi News! Guests will also get a behind-the-scenes look into the world of Jedi News as the team records their podcast directly from the Rebel Legion Booth. With comprehensive coverage from numerous Celebrations and through podcasts RADIO 1138, Star Wars Collectors Cast, Galactic Fashion and Take Cover, Jedi News interviews the stars and creatives of the saga. By embracing all aspects of the Star Wars universe, Jedi News has gathered news from across the galaxy since 2007, bringing daily content, reviews, articles and more. For more information, visit Jedi and

The Running Stormtrooper

Look for the Running Stormtrooper in the Celebration Experience Exhibit Hall.
Fear not, the Running Stormtrooper isn’t a ‘Rogue One.’ In fact, he’s a Trooper who’s trying to do some good in the Galaxy.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Wars and to promote and raise money for the wonderful charity Make-A-Wish, this military man and Star Wars fan has set himself a very important mission: On April the 23rd he will be attempting to set a World Record at the 2017 London Marathon dressed in full Stormtrooper costume. However this is just the warm up, as on May the 4th he will be attempting to run 40 miles around the world famous Pinewood Studios again in full costume. Join him at his Star Wars Celebration booth and check him out running on his treadmill (a Celebration first!), where he will be running every day for this Ultra challenge, and explaining about the wonderful ‘wishes’ that Make-A-Wish grant to enrich the lives of children and young people fighting life threatening conditions.

Be it Facebook, Twitter or Instagram; get your cameras ready as you’ll always find this Trooper has the time for a Stormtrooper Selfie. Help the Running Stormtrooper find ‘A New Hope’ for Make-A-Wish as he has pledged to raise £10,000 (approx $12500). Stormtroopers aren’t known for hitting their targets but hopefully he will hit this one! See @Stormtrooperrun #stormtrooperrun, Facebook ‘Make A Star Wars Wish’ or for more details.

The Star Wars Underworld

Booth 1511
Established in 2010, The Star Wars Underworld is committed to bringing you the best news coverage of the Galaxy Far, Far Away. Our website covers all the latest breaking Star Wars news, ranging from the Star Wars movies and television to the novels, comics, and video games. We also produce a network of Star Wars podcasts that cover breaking news and review current Star Wars projects. In addition, The Star Wars Underworld attends various Star Wars and comic conventions around the world including Star Wars Celebration, San Diego Comic-Con, D23 Expo, New York Comic Con, and many more. Join us at our booth at Star Wars Celebration for live podcasts, fun giveaways, and more! Keep up with our Celebration plans by visiting or following @TheSWU on Twitter.

Celebration Supporters

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